WireGuard on pfSense

Netgate has “just” published their first blog post, describing official WireGuard support in the latest development snapshot of pfSense 2.5.0. As a network engineer, routing enthusiast, technical supporter, and DN42 participant. Hearing about the upcoming WireGuard support for pfSense has me very excited due to the ease of use. And simplistic configuration. Making it – … Read more

Permanent home-office for all? Not necessarily – Siobhan Morrin

For those who work in offices, the pandemic has completely changed the daily routine. The time and hassle saved without a commute in the WFH world has made a permanent change appealing, with several studies showing most people don’t want to return to the office full-time. However, many leaders say they want their staff to return to the workplace, and not necessarily because they don’t trust them. The serendipitous conversations and corridor catch-ups are too valuable to lose. And, research confirms, most people miss chatting to their colleagues too. (link)