WireGuard on pfSense

Netgate has “just” published their first blog post, describing official WireGuard support in the latest development snapshot of pfSense 2.5.0. As a network engineer, routing enthusiast, technical supporter, and DN42 participant. Hearing about the upcoming WireGuard support for pfSense has me very excited due to the ease of use. And simplistic configuration. Making it – … Read more

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Netravnen Doing Network Operations where Netravnen work. Else reading in spare time along with following the news stream of IPv6 “Death” March to replace IPv4 (in-)completely somewhere around 2050 +/- 20 years. Contact Netravnen exists on social network and other online code hosting repository websites. Otherwise find me by using online search engines. Email You … Read more

Working with TC on Linux systems – dasblinkenlichten

With that out of the way – I wanted to spend some time in this post talking about the command line tool found on Linux systems called tc. We’ve talked about tc before when we discussed creating some network/traffic simulated topologies and it worked awesome for that use case. If you recall from that earlier post tc is short for Traffic Control and allows users to configure qdiscs. A qdisc is short for Queuing Discipline. I like to think of it as manipulating the Linux kernels packet scheduler.

Working with TC on Linux systems