Information aut-num: AS208391 inet6num: 2001:678:aec::/48   Sub-allocations AFI Prefix Size Purpose/Usage Size IPv6 2001:678:aec:: 64 Anycast 128 IPv6 2001:678:aec:42:: 64 Loopback 128   Applications Service Address Description Status NTP 2001:678:aec:123:: Anycast NTP Not yet operational DNS 2001:678:aec:53:: Anycast DNS Not yet operational   Hosts


Peering Guidelines WireGuard tunnels is heavily preferable. But not required. Other supported tunnel types atm are: gre, ipip, 6in4, 4in6 Multiple links is preferable. But not required. Reasonably closest geographical locations is chosen for peering link to minimize latency. Looking to peer with me? Please see contact details in dn42/registry Hosts Under reconstruction! [[ NOT … Read more