IPv6 Buzz 048: From Learning To Teaching IPv6 – Packet Pushers

Enjoying this episode on IPv6 learning and personal experience with @vlinder_nl In this week’s IPv6 Buzz episode, we discuss the path from learning IPv6 to teaching it with Nicole Wajer, a Technical Solution Architect at Cisco and a frequent presenter at CiscoLive. She’s an expert on IPv6 training. Source: IPv6 Buzz 048: From Learning To … Read more

XR7, Not Just Another Release

When IOS XR was first designed, mass-scale networking and its related challenges were not around.  However, we already had a clear vision of building a highly scalable, reliable, available, upgradeable, high-performance NOS for the service provider space that caters all the way from low-end single chassis systems to massive high-end multi-chassis routers. To meet the … Read more

Compiled list of Acronyms in the Network Field of A LOT of Things

The list is still subject to updates and changes from time to time. Last updated: 20170121. Acronym Definition Comment Acronym Definition Comment 6PE IPv6 Provider Edge Router 6VPE IPv6 Virtual Private Network Provider Edge Router ABC Abstract Base Class ACE Access Control Entry ACID Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability ACL Access Control List ACPI Advanced … Read more