Illegitimate Source IPs At IXPs – Franziska Lichtblau

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Presentation file: Franziska Lichtblau: Illegitimate Source IP Addresses at Internet Exchange Points (PDF)

Interesting talk to watch… A thing or two to think about in the current internet when remembering the year Pakistan hijacked YouTube. [1] [2]



Keynotes: Mike Lang (Miramax) & Ted Sarandos (Netflix)

See the Keynote from MIPCOM 2011, Who Mike Lang, CEO, Miramax & Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, Netflix.

They talk about about issues as piracy and how to get people to use “official” legal channels to get content. Instead of going the pirate road to get what they (the consumers) want.

Keynotes: Mike Lang, Miramax & Ted Sarandos, Netflix | MIPCOM 2011