They didn’t learn their history lesson … :/

As one of the leading blog platforms, receives thousands of DMCA takedown requests every year, but nearly half of these are rejected. Parent company Automattic is known to inspect all notices carefully, and has a track record of defending its users against DMCA abuse. In addition, it occasionally highlights the worst offenders in its…

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Kick ass torrents. The DNS record gets a new home ?

Last summer a criminal investigation by the U.S. Government brought down KickassTorrents, the largest torrent site at the time. Upon request from the United States, law enforcement in Poland arrested Artem Vaulin, the alleged owner of KickassTorrents, who’s been held in a local prison ever since. In addition, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) also…

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Spotify Helps to Beat Music Piracy, European Commission Finds – TorrentFreak

When Spotify launched its first beta in the fall of 2008 we branded it “an alternative to music piracy.”With the option to stream millions of tracks supported by an occasional ad, or free of ads for a small subscription fee, Spotify appeared to be a serious competitor to unauthorized downloading.

Source: Spotify Helps to Beat Music Piracy, European Commission Finds – TorrentFreak

What about laws!?!

What applies for the most of today’s politicians:

Laws are not made because they are righteous. Laws are made because they advance somebody’s political career.

(It should be noted that these are words that don’t come from a rock-throwing masked guy, but from a professional politician in suit and tie.)


And what every person on earth should always keep in mind:

It is everybody’s duty to defy unjust laws.


Seen in a article of Rick Falkvinge on TorrentFreak