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Netravnen Doing Network Operations where Netravnen work. Else reading in spare time along with following the news stream of IPv6 “Death” March to replace IPv4 (in-)completely somewhere around 2050 +/- 20 years. Contact Netravnen exists on social network and other online code hosting repository websites. Otherwise find me by using online search engines. Email You … Read more


Allocations IP addresses AFI Prefix Size Purpose/Usage Link IPv4 25 Git IPv4 26 Git IPv6 fd00:aaaa:255:: 48 Git IPv6 fd05:3aca:c3a0:aaaa:: 64 Numbered eBGP peerings Git Autonomous System Numbers ASN 2/4-byte Purpose/Usage Link 208391 4-byte To be used Git 4242420144 4-byte Currently used Git All ASN is aggregated in this as-set.


Information aut-num: AS208391 inet6num: 2001:678:aec::/48   Sub-allocations AFI Prefix Size Purpose/Usage Size IPv6 2001:678:aec:: 64 Anycast 128 IPv6 2001:678:aec:42:: 64 Loopback 128   Applications Service Address Description Status NTP 2001:678:aec:123:: Anycast NTP Not yet operational DNS 2001:678:aec:53:: Anycast DNS Not yet operational   Hosts

IPv6 Buzz 048: From Learning To Teaching IPv6 – Packet Pushers

Enjoying this episode on IPv6 learning and personal experience with @vlinder_nl In this week’s IPv6 Buzz episode, we discuss the path from learning IPv6 to teaching it with Nicole Wajer, a Technical Solution Architect at Cisco and a frequent presenter at CiscoLive. She’s an expert on IPv6 training. Source: IPv6 Buzz 048: From Learning To … Read more