MariaDB Galera Cluster on Ubuntu 18.04

Install required packages dist-upgrade: Optional! Updates the Linux kernel if new minor updates are available. ufw: Tool for easier administration of firewall rules. mariadb-server, mariadb-client, galera-3, rsync: Required for running the Galera Cluster. sudo apt-get update && \ sudo apt-get upgrade -y && \ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y && \ sudo apt-get autoremove && \ … Read more

Add Danish NemID X.509 public certificate to RIPE Database

General If you ever used the RIPE Database. You know the following RIPE Maintainer Authentication methods is possible. SSO (a.k.a. single sign on) key-cert (GnuPG keys + X.509 certificate) MD5 encrypted passwords NemID IF you have the danish NemID follow the guidelines here to configure NemID on your computer. And then for you email program. Go … Read more

Windows Title Updater for the RIPE NCC Database

View Script og GitHub // ==UserScript== // @name TitleFixer – RIPE Database // @namespace // @version 1.1.6 // @description Change the title to something meaningful // @author netravnen // @match*&key=*-RIPE&type=person // @match*&type=person&key=*-RIPE // // @match*&key=*&type=mntner // @match*&type=mntner&key=* // // @match*&key=ORG-*-RIPE&type=organisation // @match*&type=organisation&key=ORG-*-RIPE // @grant none // @UpdateURL … Read more

Compiled list of Acronyms in the Network Field of A LOT of Things

The list is still subject to updates and changes from time to time. Last updated: 20170121. Acronym Definition Comment Acronym Definition Comment 6PE IPv6 Provider Edge Router 6VPE IPv6 Virtual Private Network Provider Edge Router ABC Abstract Base Class ACE Access Control Entry ACID Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability ACL Access Control List ACPI Advanced … Read more