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In my last post I talked about running a pure , as part of my ISP building , but still allowing access to resources on the currently only available via .This works well assuming all the clients on the local network are IPv6 capable, unfortunately this is not always the case. There are legacy devices that do not understand IPv6.This is a real problem with IoT devices that are either no longer being maintained or just that have hardware that is incapable of using anything other than IPv4. There is also a small problem that a IP cam with a IPv6 address is probably available to the world with out some rules or a ACL limiting access to the local /64, but those are for another day…Another issue is hard coded IPv4 in legacy applications, this is a problem even if the OS/device supports both IPv4 & IPv6 but is only connected via IPv6.There is are a few of solution to both these problems.

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