RouterOS Script: Check Google Global Cache Cluster

Open the built-in editor

/system/script/edit value-name=source check-ggc-cluster

Paste the script content

:global currentGGCcluster;

:local result;
:local data;
:local newGGCcluster;

:set result [/tool/fetch output=user url="" as-value ascii=yes];
:set data [:tostr [:pick $result [:find $result "="] [:find $result ";"]]];
:set newGGCcluster [:tostr [:pick $data ([:find $data ">"] + 2) [:len $data]]];

:if ($newGGCcluster != $currentGGCcluster) do={
    :put "SP GGC Cluster $currentGGCcluster changed to $newGGCcluster";
    :set currentGGCcluster $newGGCcluster;
    /log info "SP GGC Cluster $currentGGCcluster changed to $newGGCcluster";

Add the scheduler (policy not restricted, probably should be)

/system/scheduler/add interval=1d name=check-ggc-cluster on-event="/system/script/run check-ggc-cluster;" policy=ftp,reboot,read,write,policy,,password,sniff,sensitive,romon start-time=startup

Check variable contents

/system/script/environment/print detail where name=currentGGCcluster

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