Don’t pick your profile picture yourself

Photo by Ellen De Vos.

“You might really love that one photo where you squint your eyes and make a pouty face, but chances are what you like doesn’t look as good to other people. A recent study suggests you’re better off having someone else pick your profile pics. ”


Permanent home-office for all? Not necessarily – Siobhan Morrin

For those who work in offices, the pandemic has completely changed the daily routine. The time and hassle saved without a commute in the WFH world has made a permanent change appealing, with several studies showing most people don’t want to return to the office full-time. However, many leaders say they want their staff to return to the workplace, and not necessarily because they don’t trust them. The serendipitous conversations and corridor catch-ups are too valuable to lose. And, research confirms, most people miss chatting to their colleagues too. (link)